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  • Gender: Unisex
  • Source Type: Anime
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Characters: Awakens Finn
  • Special Use: Costumes & Accessories


Star Wars Finn Leather Jacket – The Real Leather

There are thousands of guys who are inspired by the Star Wars Finn Jacket and they are always struggling to transform their personality to be in the spotlight and to get a lot of attention in the society. In this article, we are bringing one elegant and inspiring product for them, which is a great inspiration for a fictional character “Finn” who worked in Star Wars. In the market, you will find this jacked manufactured by many brands and all the professionals have shown the amazing skills to make a jacket that is perfectly looking like Finn’s jacket. So let’s discuss the Star Wars Finn’s Jacket in detail.

Some Features of the Finn Star Wars Jacket

Below we are going to discuss some of the amazing specifications of Finn’s Star Wars Jacket.

  • This jacket is an amazing recreation and it was worn by Poe and John in Star Wars movie.
  • The best thing about Finn’s Lather Jacket is that it is made of 100% durable and long lasting leather and the leather is pure.
  • Finn Jacket has a straight and erect collar and it has a style that is open at the front and it gives an exceptional look.
  • You will find one chest pocket on it and it has a piping with black leather on the top. You will also find two waist pockets on either side to keep your belongings and money.
  • The Finn Jacket Star Wars is very appealing because it has a leather detail which is present on the shoulders and on the back, you will find a belt-like look which is very inspiring.
  • The cuffs are belted so you can adjust them to fit great on you and you can wear them very easily and comfortably.
  • This jacket gives the unique look because it has leather details on the sleeves and the inner liner is very soft and high in performance.

Other Good Things about the Jacket

Star Wars Finn’s Jacket is made with a fabric that is of premium quality and the stitching is done by very expert and skillful tailors. The amazing and quality stitching is making this jacket very appealing and eye-catching. After wearing this jacket all the crowd and your friends will get amazed just in one glance. So this is the jacket that you must own.

The jacket has a unique style. It has a front closure in the form of the buckle and the collar is also made very stylish in shawl design. The chest pocket is trimmed with leather in black color and the other two waste pockets also look very stylish and have space to easily keep your necessities in them. To make it more appealing and stylish the tailors have crafted it with a black leather detail on the shoulders and at the back. You can adjust the cuffs as per your comfort because they are in open hem style. The brown jacket that you will find in stores is crafted perfectly to give you a screen accurate look.

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