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  • Black Cowhide Nappa Leather
  • Faux fur lining
  • Open front, closure with waist belt
  • Two outside pockets, one inside pocket.
  • Long Trench Coat



  • Black Cowhide Nappa Leather
  • Faux fur lining
  • Open front, closure with waist belt
  • Two outside pockets, one inside pocket.
  • Long Trench Coat



Up Your Style Game with the Blade Runner Jacket 2049

If you are looking for something that would offer you the perfect combination of style and comfort, this Blade Runner jacket is one that would cater to your requirement to perfection. Everyone wishes to make sure that they remain stylish, but there are times when style has to be compromised for the sake for warmth and comfort. With the Blade Runner 2049 jacket, this is not a situation that you would have to face.

Rely on Professionals for Your Blade Runner 2049 Ryan Gosling Leather Coat

Ryan Gosling can easily be deemed as one of the leading fashion icons of the movie industry. Everything that he adorns manages to create a sensation and become a trend. While his own personal style is worthy of praise, his movie looks are not behind either and reek of perfection and elegance as well.

There is good reason for the same. When a look is being created, there is a whole team of professionals who decide on the wardrobe of the character. The aim of the team is to make it certain that the wardrobe fits the character while ensuring that it has a stylish touch to it. This is the reason that the Ryan Gosling coat Blade Runner features is one that exudes style and mystery.

The trench coat has a smooth yet rough look. Thus, if you want to make sure that the jacket you wear provides you with an air of mystery while enabling you to pull off a rough and tough look, this is something that would not let you down.

Catering to All Requirements with the Blade Runner Leather Jacket

It is not just style that you get with the ryan gosling jacket blade runner. It also keeps you warm at all times. The coat is manufactured using buffalo skin which has been given a touch of drum coloring so as to provide it with a rough look that suits the character in the movie. The high-quality leather along with the shearling inside the collar serve to ensure that comfort is not something that you would find lacking in it.

Ryan Gosling 2049 Shearling Coat with Exquisite Detailing

This Blade Runner leather jacket has been manufactured by giving exquisite attention to detailing. The trench coat has grayish wax on it which serves to give it quite an interesting appearance. The faux shearling inside plays a role in keeping the jacket cool and comfortable. You would not have to feel claustrophobic. High level of attention has been paid to the quality of the jacket. Thus, you can be certain that it would last for a long time to come and you would not have to give it up anytime soon.

Blade Runner Leather Jacket Specifications

  • Manufactured from high-quality genuine leather
  • Black color
  • Provided with fur collar
  • Hem cuffs of open style
  • Featuring a single vent in back
  • Collar and front lapels provided with faux shearling
  • No shearling in sleeves

A Worthy Purchase

There is no denying that deep inside, all of us are in awe of the movies we watch. We yearn to get our hands on something that would give us their touch or an insight into their experience, and this is exactly what you can achieve with this jacket. Something which is designed with so much thought and attention cannot go wrong and thus, you can be certain that your style would not be hampered if you opt for this jacket.

Therefore, this trench coat is an option which will ensure that you get to experience wearing something that your favorite movie character has worn. While doing so, you would also manage to enhance your style game and flaunt the jacket with confidence. Hence, there is nothing that can go wrong with this coat.

The best thing about this Blade Runner jacket is that it does not require you to give up on your comfort. During those wintery days, it would provide you with the warmth you seek without fail, thereby making it certain that you remain optimally comfortable at all times. This Blade Runner 2049 shearling coat has only benefits to offer you. It is highly durable, profound in quality, cool and comfortable, stylish with a rugged design and provided with a mysterious look. Therefore, once you purchase it, you would not regret your selection. This jacket would keep you content and will make sure that you are at the receiving end of a lot of compliments.

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