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Patio Doors Curtains for Every Season

The curtains for different types of doors and windows mentioned below would add elegance to your house in addition to protection from sun and dust.

Curtains add beauty to the house and function as a barrier that doesn’t let sunlight and dust get in your house. The kind of curtains for patio doors that you have in your house can also indicate the type of person you are. It shows your taste and preferences.

Drapes for Sliding Glass Doors

A huge variety of drapes for sliding glass doors are available in the market. Some of them have beautiful prints on them, both wild and soft, that can show what kind of things you prefer. Some sliding patio door curtains are just plain with either light or dark colors, which you can choose depending on the kind of color your walls have or the furniture in the room.

Usually, sliding doors have curtains that can be pulled back with the help of a cord. Instead of being pulled up, like traditional curtains, they are pulled to the side, giving them a sleek look.

For instance, honeycomb shades from Vertiglide provide insulation from both cold and heat. Unlike most sliding door drapes, this one doesn’t have any kind of chains, cords, and wands. Moreover, you can either spread the whole drape or pull one side back to get sunlight and air partially from one of the patio doors.

Some of the grommet curtains for sliding glass doors that can be found in the market are as follows:
1. Ultimate Blackout Grommet Patio Panel which is available in multiple colors. It effectively blocks the light out. It also has a thermal block that provides proper insulation against both heat and cold. The panel has been woven with three layers of polyester. The three layers are weaved tightly with colored yarn both in the front and the back. The inner layer is made of black yarn. These curtains for patio doors are extremely smooth and soft, which maintains the room temperature.

2. Eclipse Samara Blackout Energy-Efficient Thermal Curtain Panel stays true to its name “Eclipse” as it gives a complete blackout when the curtains are draped. It also helps block out all the sound from the room. According to the manufacturer, it can provide almost 99% blockage of sound and light, giving the complete blackout experience. For people who like to sleep without their sleep being interrupted with any kind of sound or unwanted light, this is the perfect product.

3. The Essential Blackout Grommet Patio Panel, available in three beautiful colors, can filter all the unwanted light out of the room. The solid colored, polyester curtains with contemporary designs and black yarn give a complete blackout effect to the room. To give a metallic look, the patio door drapes also have a bronze finish.

Thermal Patio Door Curtains

These patio door drapes are made specifically to protect the room from unwanted heat and cold. Eclipse has been one of the leading manufacturers that produce thermal patio door curtains. It has made several kinds of drapes, ranging from a mere $80 to an expensive $200. The variety of colors that the company provides for these drapes is overwhelming, from dark navy blue and black to sandy brown and bright green curtains.

All thermal patio door curtains are made from high-quality polyester fabric and yarn that give the curtain its fine quality. Due to the thick fabric, these patio door drapes provide utmost blackout, thus giving privacy to the owner of the room. These curtains provide protection not only against the light but also against unwanted noise. If you like sleeping in and get irritated by these unwanted lights and sounds, you should totally go for such curtains.

The actual function, however, would remain that they give the room complete insulation. During winters, you would have a comparatively warmer room, while you would find a somewhat cooler room during summers. These rooms would remain, at most times, at room temperature.


If you are the kind of person who is into beautiful yet simple curtains that are going to make your room a complete blackout experience for you, you should look into the curtains for patio doors discussed above. These curtains keep unwanted noise and light out while keeping the room at room temperature.